About Student Housing in Rome

SHR Student Housing in Rome was founded by Elisabeth Pettersson in 2013.
She started her working experience in the Housing Business in 1995 after that she experienced herself coming in as a student in Florence from Sweden how it is to be a foreign student in Italy.

To live the experience and seeing the lack of support the students had in housing, changed her plans of her future.
She was the co-founder of the ICI International Initiatives Company in 1996 and followed the company until 2007.
In 2007 she started YPR, Your Place in Rome and leaving the YPR 2013, the two Housing Companies , YPR/SHR, are still in partnership.
SHR is run as a Rome-based smaller Housing Agency.

The goal is to be sensible to all the requests that could come across in the daily life of the students and to be close to the them in terms of needs as well as the Program with a personal touch.

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