Other Useful Information


As you may have heard, there are no dryers except at laundry mats. If you don’t want to hang your clothes out to dry, these laundry mats located near by can be useful. Some even supply everything you may need including the soap and sheets while washing and drying your entire loads at a reasonable price.

Terms in Italian

Lavanderia, lavanderia self service, or lavanderia a gettoni, or lavanderia automatica are the terms for any self-service laundry, also called lava rapido. Dry cleaners are called lava secco.

Ondablu chain (laundry mats)

These are common self-service laundry mats scattered all throughout Rome. If there isn’t one by your location, it may be best just to look up the best laundry mats on yelp that are closest near your apartment. You should be able to find some just by walking around as well. They aren’t uncommon in Rome and again can be very useful if your clothes start to stack and you haven’t washed them yet!


Italy has a low rate of violent crime, but it’s always wise to be safe. Especially at night when it gets to a later time, please avoid walking alone. Watch out for pick pocketing! Unfortunately, this is probably the number one thing you’ll come across. It will usually happen on trams, busses, or trains, anywhere with public transportation and easy access to steal from tourists. Always keep your purse purses tight and wallets in your front pockets! • Keep a photocopy of your passport on you at all times. • Keep documents of your travel plans safe with a loved one

Restaurant Tipping

Italians rarely tip waiters and waitresses so don’t feel inclined to just because you’re a tourist! If the service is fantastic, usually anywhere from 5 to 10 percent is becoming more acceptable but never is a must.


The weather is constantly changing here and super unpredictable at times so be safe and purchase an umbrella to have on you at all times! Rome is extremely humid and rains more than you would think.