If you plan on staying for a while and didn’t get an International phone plan, SIM cards are very convenient. When traveling, 3G can be a life savor, especially when using maps for directions or looking things up online wherever you may be. Wind is a very good carrier here with good rates. This phone company is very useful and one that you have to go to directly to buy. There are plenty of Wind stores around and you can use maps to locate one near by your apartment! Here are three located in the areas of which your apartment may be in:

Wind Stores

  1. Ostiense – Circonvallazione Ostiense, 165, Roma a. Phone number: 06-6442-0517
  2. Prati – Via Cola Di Rienzo, 139-141, Roma Cola a. Phone number: 06-8308-3115
  3. Trastevere – Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 14, 00146 Roma a. Phone number: 06-556-6688

Of course, these others have excellent plans and could also be used as well depending on your needs. Please visit their websites for more information on rates and store locaters. If having trouble finding information online, these stores are very customer friendly and should be able to explain to you all the costs of whatever plans you’re trying to get. Just make sure of all the possible hidden costs and fees because sometimes you may not fully understand and be paying more in the end!




If you plan on buying a SIM card at a Wind store or any other phone carrier, a passport is required for purchase. Don’t forget! Again, if planning on purchasing any carrier, please read everything and pay attention to what they don’t tell you. There are tons of hidden fees and costs that may not stand out to you at first so be careful when choosing.

International Plan

Of course, your phone carriers at home have international phone plans as well but these most likely won’t be as useful as the SIM cards here in Rome. This is because the cost will usually be much higher and won’t give you enough data to use out and about in Rome! Depending on how long you’re staying and what the rates are for your phone carrier, they could be a good purchase. They can also be adjusted to your needs. So it wouldn’t hurt to call your carrier and ask to see which plan best fits to you. Again, if you’re planning on staying for more than a month, a SIM card is highly recommended.