Student Housing and Apartment in Rome

Apartments and Housing for Students in Rome

student housting in rome
To be studying in Rome is a special experience and offers unique opportunities to grow in an international environment. Housing contributes greatly to the overall quality of the cultural experience of studying abroad.

Living in a typical Italian apartment with its surrounding environment allows you to gain a greater understanding of Italian life. When you make a decision to go abroad for a month for a holiday, or perhaps for a year, you probably want to widen your knowledge of the world – not to simply live the same way you’ve always known.

The Roman Life

To help you experience a more authentic feel of the local life, cultural as well as social, SHR Student Housing in Rome provides you, as a student, adequate and safe accommodation in the neighbourhoods surrounding your campus. This will allow you to be a resident of Rome, know your Italian neighbours, and discover daily Roman life.

The Location

All apartments are either within walking distance or conveniently located near public transport routes to the university. Travel times to the university vary but generally range between 15 and 30 minutes.
All our apartments are situated in residential areas in the centre of Rome such as Trastevere, Ostiense and Prati where you will find spacious and comfortable apartments. In these neighborhoods you will also find good transportation facilities.

The Apartment

Usually the apartment has a common living area, two or three bedrooms, a kitchen and one to two bathrooms. It normally houses four to six students, with two people sharing a bedroom with single beds.
The living room has a furnished sitting area, dining area, and space to study.
Every apartment has a fully furnished kitchen with typical Italian cookware and tableware, while the bedrooms are equipped with single beds and a closet/clothing storage space.
Towels and two sets of linen are provided with each bed.